Manu Jungle Tour - Travel from Cusco to the MANU rainforest

Manu Jungle Tour - Travel from Cusco to the MANU rainforest

350$ per person
2 Days / 1 Half
Manu National Park

OPTIMIZING TIME ! Jump into the Wild

A magnificent wildlife experience  and unique experience to admire the Manu  in only 2 days trip through diverse ecosystems with breathtaking views of the cloud forest and the Andes mountain range. The evolution of landscapes from mountains to forest enable nature’s enthusiasts to capture stunning views over the cloud forest, oxbow lakes or to visit caves inhabited by bats and spiders. 
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What's included

Manu National Park Discover Manu National Park
Departure Location
Cusco City - Transfer from Hotels , Airport , Bus Station
Return Location
Cusco City - Transfer from Hotels , Airport , Bus Station
Price includes
  • Accommodation on double bed room
  • Activities Listed in the Program
  • All meals included (vegetarian, vegan mentioned in advance)
  • Best available Lodges in the area
  • Box lunch
  • Duffel Bags for Travelling Light
  • Entrance Fees to the Guadalupe Ecological Reserve
  • Free Storage Room in Cusco
  • Illustrated map of Manu National Park
  • Nights at Guadalupe Lodge
  • Professionally Local Guide
  • Rubber Boots
  • Snacks (fresh fruits, cookies, chocolate)
  • Touristic Transportation
Price does not include
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • First day breakfast
  • Nights on Single Supplement
  • Wildlife Rescued Centre Ticket

Manu Jungle Tour – 2 Days

Our Manu Jungle Tour – 2 Days, departs from Cusco City. First of all, we have designed this short trip for tourists with limited time while visiting Peru. We can collect tourists from the Cusco airport upon their arrival and drive along the Manu Road. We  arrive at our Lodge for dinner time.  As a result, there are not many stops to be expected during the journey. This is in order to utilise the time we have. Mostly for the use toilet facilities, stretch out legs or pictures of the sunset.

How Much time is needed?

Travellers should not worry if only having 2 days plus afternoon (for departing from Cusco). During this tour you will be staying within the Cultural zone of Manu. Surrounded by a gorgeous bio-diverse environment and spectacular birds, as well as creepy crawlies. Not to mention, plenty of time to get yourself immersed and delve into the tropical rainforest.  Descending to 500 meters (1640.42 feet) of elevation.

Our Manu 2 day tour includes a boat journey, and travel length reach the vicinity of the Machuwasy lagoon. Which is beyond Atalaya so the boat travel will around 1 hour down the Alto Madre de Dios river.

Which lodge to stay along with the 2 days Trip?

The two  nights will be spent in a single location, Guadalupe Lodge  which is situated off the main Manu road and away from crowds. Surrounded by healthy forest, bamboo forest and offers great wildlife encounters.

Guadalupe Lodge, it’s the ideal choice for these types of tours and more disconnected from the world, the travel to the lodge from Cusco city takes from 6 to 7 hours.

Check out our Tour Plan for a more in-depth, day to day itinerary for the Manu Jungle Explorer Tour 2 days. Giving you a clear breakdown of activities.

  • Afternoon of the day before (we suggest 3:00 PM, as lattest to depart)
  • Day 1
  • Day 2
Afternoon of the day before (we suggest 3:00 PM, as lattest to depart)

Driving Cusco - Guadalupe Lodge (6 hour aprox)

    Breakdown of Travel;
  • Start Time: Day before trip, 3:00pm.
  • Duration: Approx 6 hours travel.
  • Locations on Route: Paucartambo - Colonial Town. / Acjanaco Pass. / Guadalupe Lodge - final destination.

Pick up from Cusco airport or your hotel. To the drive along the Andes (3 hours) passing and briefly stop at Paucartambo village for toilets facilities. (Otherwise we skip the visit of this town for the way back). While keep driving the altitude will keep on increasing and the setting gradually gets enveloped by a cloudy mist. The road leads you to Acjanaco pass consisting in the main gateway to Manu National Park.

Once across Acjanaco Pass (3550 m / 11.647 ft) the environment dramatically changes from dry to wet valleys. Do not miss the splendid view when looking down toward the lowlands and the sunset views!

The lush and misty cloud forest surrounded by massive rocks and waterfalls is perhaps the most fragile and threatened type of rainforest.  arrival to the lodge for dinner time and overnight at Guadalupe Lodge.

Day 1

Guadalupe Lodge - Motor Boat Navigation - Lake Exploration

    Breakdown of Day 1;
  • Breakfast at Guadalupe Lodge.
  • Atalaya Port - Boat Trip, Madre De Dios River.
  • Machuhuassy Oxbow Lake, - 2km Walk.
  • Ramble in the jungle, - Giant Kapok Tree, animal wild watch, medicinal plants.
  • Macaw Clay Lick.
  • Dos Loritos. (Optional).
  • Guadalupe Lodge.

Enjoy waking up and having breakfast with the singing of Amazonian birds. You will be transferred to the Atalaya port where you can appreciate the view of myriads of colorful birds and a rich wildlife and drives goes along tropical plantations of papayas, bananas, chocolate and Coca Leaves.

At Atalaya river’s deck, embark in a motor boat and navigate down this crystalline river of Madre de Dios. After an hour, you will reach Machuhuassy Oxbow lake, consisting in wetlands of lush vegetation hosting a large variety of birds (hoatzins, horned screamer, hawk, herons) and animals (monkeys and capybaras). This place is only reachable by boat followed by a 2-kms walk. While you are having the tour, our local cook will prepare a traditional lunch that you will enjoy when returning on the Madre de Dios river. In the mid-afternoon, you will ramble through the primary forest searching for some families of monkeys, peccaries as well as giant kapok trees. In the meantime, you will be provided with some explanations about medicinal plants, reptiles as well as mammals.

We will visit the Small Macaw Clay lick along the river bank while returning to the lodge and optional you will enter a Wild-Animals Rescue Centre run by a local family in Manu. Dinner and Overnight at Guadalupe

Day 2

Guadalupe Lodge - Cusco by ground transport

    Breakdown of Day 3;
  • Palm Forest, Bird Watch & Breakfast.
  • Dos Loritos. (Optional).
  • Drive through the Cloud Forest. Waterfalls, animals. / Journey back to Cusco.
  • Arrival in Cusco approx 5pm.

Our morning walk along the palm forest to look for the blue and yellow Macaws and enjoy a tasty breakfast and get ready to pack as you will soon start hit the road again to Cusco. On the way, you will enter a Wild-Animals Rescue Centre run by a local family in Manu. This gives more opportunities to glimpse some more animals and discover the wildlife protections policies and techniques implemented. The way back offers some last impressing views of the exuberant cloud forest. The arrival in Cusco should be around 5pm.

More about Manu National Park

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More about this tour

This is express journey into the Amazon rainforest from Cusco City - Peru
This tours requires minimum to have 2 days plus availability of the afternoon of the day before departure so time recommended to embark would be 4:00 PM.
This trip is essentially designed for tourist that have limited period of time while visiting Peru so we can collect tourist from the Cusco airport upon their arrival or any other terminal and drive along the Manu Road we mostly are arriving to our Lodge for dinner time so along the Way IN not many stops are expected unless for toilet facilities, stretch out legs or pictures of the sunset while driving along the Andes

Packing List 

Equipment /ClothingComments
Wellington Boots

Provided at the lodge

Experience has taught us that Wellies are by far the most appropriate footwear for  your  time  in  the  Jungle.  You'll hopefully have noticed  we  asked  for  your  shoes  size  on the application form;  this is so we can  buy you  some new ones in  Cusco ready for your departure so you  don't have to  lug  them  with  you.  However, please be  aware  that  is difficult to  get Wellington  boots over  European  size  43  so if that's you  please ensure you  bring some with you.
Flip flopsUseful  for  use  in  the  bathrooms  and  for  walking  around the lodges.
T-shirts, cotton

shirts and  a light sweatshirt

You   should   bring   a   mix   of  short  and   long   sleeved   to protect your arms from  mosquito bites
UnderwearCotton is recommended rather than nylon.
SocksThese should  be  long  and  made from  breathable wool  to ensure optimum comfort inside your boots.
Sunblock Cream 

Sun Glasss

Insect Repellent 



at Least 40 % DEET

Trousers  & shortsIt’s important to be wearing long bottoms for protection from bugs and sun. We recommend full cut khaki bottoms or khaki type pants that can be zipped into shorts.  Lighter


Even in the dry season the rain can be heavy so it's good to come prepared!
FlashlightsFor night activities such as night walks , Caiman Search and for using when the  power from the lodges runs off.
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Manu Jungle Explorer 2 Days

350$ per person
2 Days / 1 Half
Manu National Park

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