Wildlife tours in Peru - Explore the Manu National Park & Tambopata



Manu National Park by Aircraft Wild Watch Peru offers exclusive tours to the most pristine area of the Manu National Park by Charter Flights. Operated by the modern 9 passenger; Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft. By HTS, a reliable US company that has expanded their operations to Peru. Tours Including flights from Cusco Having a tight schedule...


3 Day Amazon Tour The Amazon Rainforest in Peru is a must-see attraction, and it’s not too far from Cusco. The city is a gateway into the Amazon for our regular tours.  Our 3 Day Amazon Tour into Manu is the real Rainforest experience. Where you will get the chance to explore, trek through the jungle....


4 Day Amazon Tour Peru from Cusco. 4 day Amazon tour, Peru begins in Cusco with a journey through high Andes and down from elfin forests to the lowlands. Stretching from 12,000-foot, high montane grasslands and elfin forests down through mid-elevation cloud forests to extensive  Rainforest. Also, here you can track the evidence of footprints left...


Manu Peru Rainforest Tours Manu Peru Rainforest tours offer incredible and unforgettable experiences. One of the most biodiverse places on the planet. The real highlight it holds, is it’s wildlife. So you are in for a treat. Surround yourself with the hundreds of species of inhabitants such as; birds, reptiles, fish, monkeys, sloths, giant river otters,...


The Manu Tour First of all, our  Manu tour starts in Cusco, with a land journey through the high Andes and down from elfin forests to the lowlands. Stretching from 12,000-foot-high montane grasslands, deep through the elfin forests and then, down through mid-elevation cloud forests, and finally to the extensive lowland rainforest. Further more, the...


Espiritu Pampa 3 days Tour by Car A tour to Espiritu Pampa by a car and hikes its an experience along with the extremely rugged country of forested hills, deep gorges, snowy peaks, and swamps, flat land is rare — narrow trail s twist and turn along the hillsides overlooking the river, making this experience off...


Birding Journey, from the Andes to the Lowland Amazon Our Manu Birdwatching Tour 8 days is designed to discover the richness of the Manu Avian diversity. Sheltering a vast amount of birds and endemism. This significantly contributes to this ever growing and these mega diverse lands. The Manu road is a vertical transect from the high mountains...


Manu Jungle Tour – 2 Days Our Manu Jungle Tour – 2 Days, departs from Cusco City. First of all, we have designed this short trip for tourists with limited time while visiting Peru. We can collect tourists from the Cusco airport upon their arrival and drive along the Manu Road. We  arrive at our Lodge...


Manu Reserved Zone Tours – 6 days Tour Our  Manu Reserved Zone Tour of 6 days will take you to the remoteness of the Manu National Park. Unlike no other, this specific tour package is crafted for those wanting to access the unspoiled, and virgin areas. In less than a week. This is an express version of our...


Tambopata Peru amazon tour Jungle Tour 4 days Explore this Peru amazon tour, visiting the Tambopata National Reserve. You will be able to see species such as; monkeys, black Caymans, chances of seeing Giant Otter, Macaws, and various different species of birds. Romantic and relaxing excursions around the lake. We will visit the spectacular Chuncho clay-...


Travel Manu National Park by Flights

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Manu National Park

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