Manu National Park - Amazon Rainforest Park near Cusco

Manu National ParkManu National Park - Amazon Rainforest Park near Cusco

To Visit Manu National Park in Peru, Families come from all over the world just to spend their vacation together in this piece of nature and for us this is extremely important, for that they deserve to spend a magical time in a magical land; creating memories for a lifetime!

Manu National Park

Manu Biosphere Reserve – History

In 1977, the Organization of United Nations for the Educational, Scientific and Cultural (UNESCO) declared the Biosphere Reserve territories for colonization adjacent to the Manu National Park and the Manu Reserved Zone Its protection to an area of 1 881 200 hectares). It is a large area of wilderness, biologically diverse and culturally as it shelters different social groups from the Andean Mountains and some Native Communities and even populations of tribes in voluntary isolation living in an ancestral way. In 1987, it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage List as a natural heritage of humanity.

Manu Biosphere Reserve Zones

Initially the Manu Biosphere Reserve was created with its three zones (core, buffer and transition); However nowadays have been some modifications within the protected area legally established in the core area (Manu National Park – SERNANP), which has motivated the effort to work on an update both in the zoning of the Reserve and to propose a possible Expansion of it, with the interest of involving and benefiting a greater number of populations, as well as to expand its sphere of influence, with the aim of integrating new populations and consolidating a sustainable development model , according the UNESCO’s guidelines for conservation, research and development. Here the tourism plays an important role, in fact the private tourist enterprises represent a key of development for the natural and cultural value and strategic for the purpose of Reserve.

Difference between the Manu Reserved Zone  and Manu Cultural Zone?

These 2 zones belongs and are integrated in the Manu Biosphere Reserve which is the proper name to the entire Biosphere Reserve besides the Cultural Zone or buffer Zone it’s the zone that is adjacent and surrounding  the Manu National Park or Reserved Zone, one objective of the buffer zone of the parks are to reduces the pressure from humans activities, in fact the territory at the Buffer Zone it’s also known as the Cultural Zone where most of the short guided tours are lead in our programs of  3 days so the longer trips usually goes to the Manu Reserved Zone or the Manu Park that demands at least 6 days to travel as minimun.

The Areas

Manu Reserved Zone or Touristic Zone

Here the names above are comprising to one specific and large area, most importantly this is the zone that is monitored and managed by Sernanp  the area where only few activities can be developed such as; scientific investigation, monitoring of biological processes and activities of traditional collection by the native communities and controlled tourism are developed.

The Buffer Zone  or Cultural Zone of Manu

The Aim of this Zone should help to protect the core zone. It is also possible to rehabilitate and use degraded areas sustainably. In this area there are educational, cultural, tourist and recreational facilities.

Manu National Park – Biodiversity Records

  • 1025 SPECIES OF BIRD  (Aves)
    221  SPECIES OF MAMMALS  (mamíferos )
    1307  SPECIES OF BUTTERFLIES  (Mariposas)
    8 SPECIES OF WILD CATS  (Felinos Silvestres)
    27 SPECIES OF MACAWS  (Guacamayos)
    132 SPECIES OF REPTILES  (Reptiles)
    155 SPECIES OF AMPHIBIANS  (Anfibios )
    300 SPECIES OF ANTS  (Hormigas )
    650 SPECIES OF BEETLES  (Escarabajos)
17,162.95 km2
Established :
May 29, 1973
Higher Elevation :
13123.36 ft
Lower Elevation :
650 Ft
High Temperature:
28 °C
Low Temperature (Andean):
8 °C
Cloud Forest Rainfall :
8000 mm
Rainforest Rainfall :
1500–2000 mm
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Manu National Park

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