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Situated off the main Manu road and away from crowds, the Guadalupe Lodge its surrounded by healthy forest and offering great wildlife encounters, 6 private cabins with private toilets, internet, rainforest library, electricity & garden to observe hummingbirds and native fowers, tropical fruits (Chocolate, pineapples, bananas), the proximity to the cristalline guadalupe river makes nice enviromment to explore , stroll and make yourself home.

Welcome to Guadalupe Lodge in Manu Jungle

Guadalupe Lodge is located in private natural reserve adjacent to the Manu National Park in lush  rainforest . The Lodge is reachable by car or bus from the charming city of Cuzco and the Machu Picchu.

It is a paradise for birds’ enthusiasts and nature lovers. In addition to the large diversity of birds inhabiting the area, the lodge is also the perfect spot to spot macaws , Oropendolas, brown or Capuchin monkeys. Enjoy the nice view of the crystalline river that flows in front of the garden.  Guadalupe Ecolodge only resorts to renewable energies to provide the best services to the travelers.

Wake up to the captivating views, fascinating birds and dense forest

You will feel like being in crystal capsules, observing the wildlife from your comfortable bed. Every morning, the bird’s song will wake you up. All rooms have 24/24 electricity and hot water, mosquito nets, towels and soap.

You Feel at Home

Guadalupe invites you to  gets a  luxurious experience, into the wild  and manu jungle, after a nice ride through the palmtrees, coca plantations and Yuca culture, enter the Guadalupe Lodge. You will immediately begin to leave the real world behind.

Guadalupe is a Manu Jungle Lodge  designed to completely immerse you in the world of the surrounding forest. Thanks to the many trails starting from the lodge, you can easily feel the dense flora, delightful fauna and stunning views. The lodge’s rooms are spread out across three different wooden houses. In total, the lodge counts six rooms with twin beds, a bathroom and a balcony.

The Accomodations

Guadalupe Manu Jungle Lodge has  6 private cabins with private toilets, the rooms are spacious, incluiding 2 single beds with mosquito nets and offering panoramic views over the rainforest.

The Dinner room has internet, rainforest library, electricity  & garden to observe hummingbirds and native fowers, tropical fruits (Chocolate, pineapples, bananas), the proximity to the cristalline guadalupe river  makes nice enviromment to explore , stroll and make yourself home,   the electricity and hot water come from solar energy


we put the respect of the environment at the core of our priorities from our very young age, we have been used to making our best to protect what we consider the most important, the surrounding nature, and wildlife. We know how humans can impact in such a forest as the Amazon and we aim at bringing down to 0 our ecological impact. ​Here is a list of all the measures we have implemented on our lodge.

Solar Energy.

Guadalupe Lodge is equipped with a large solar-panel system. All the electricity is provided by these panels. This system provides the hotel with all of its energy needs with free 24/24 maximum comfort. All waters are also warmed up with photovoltaic panels.

Local Products

All the great food you will have in Guadalupe Lodge comes from local markets. This is a way you maintain the employment of the local communities and the occasion to get fresh delightful tastes in the plates. With local ingredients, our chef will cook amazing local and international meals!

Minimun Plastic

During the tours, we sometimes have to pack some lunch. We are using solid plastic box to avoid single-use plastic. The waste system management is quite bad in Peru. Therefore, we filter water directly on the spot not to see plastic bottles all over the jungle.

Eco Sewage System

Instead of throwing the sewage directly in the river which is quite common in the area. We have settled a filter which purifes water of all bacterias before it returns to the soil. This, not to endanger the life of all the river fauna and flora.

The Wildlife in Manu is what resembles at Guadalupe Lodge

All around Guadalupe Lodge, diversity of species is extraordinarily high,  Manu National Park is one of the largest amazonian park in Peru and  covers an incredible area of highly various forests, including both the Andean and lowland rainforests. The reserve includes several fascinating monkeys, a diverse and colorful diversity of birds, amphibians and reptiles.

Small creatures

An abundance of reptiles such as snakes, lizards, caimans, tortoises, and turtles inhabit the Manu National Park. Amongst the many various insects, you can meet in the Manu are some very rare species like the scorpion spider, the bullet ant, the jewel caterpillar, the jumping stick, the leaf-cutter ant, the longhorn beetle or the tarantula. You might also stumble upon nice Amazon caterpillar, rhinoceros beetle, Heliconius butterfly, glow-in-the-dark critters or very colorful grasshoppers. 

How could we speak about the Manu National Park without mentioning its various species of amphibians and mammals.

Looking on the Trees

Monkeys are seen quite frequently, but what kinds of monkeys are they?  From large to small you can encounter the Woolly monkey, the Howler monkey, the brown  capuchin, the and eventually the night monkey. If you are lucky you can also stumble upon some two-toed sloth.

Birds, Looking  at the Sky

Counting more than 320 species of birds at the moment, Reserva Ecologica Guadalupe is a paradise for birds’ enthusiasts

Want to know them all? Here is the complete list via EBIRD 


Our Lodge

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