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We are a local company, that knows the whole area very well also we are committed to our customer’s safety because our main goal is to offer the best quality service in Manu National Park. and achieve that the experience of wildlife observation and nature, in the most biodiverse country in the world is thoroughly enjoyable, memorable and successful for you.

All of our staff are carefully selected and trained to ensure that you are in the best hands, leaving you free to sit back, relax and enjoy your adventure travel holiday. They are friendly people chosen for their great personalities, passion for adventure travel, invaluable local knowledge and resourcefulness to overcome the occasional setback - probably without you noticing there even was one. Our adventures use a combination of different styles of leadership in order to maximize your enjoyment and experiences.

Our Staff knows the destinations very well, we are born and grew up in the region, we aim to provide you with all the essentials to make your adventure travel trip as relaxing and easygoing as possible - the rest is up to you. Most Wild Watch Peru leaders speak some of the local languages so they will be able to navigate through every situation smoothly and comfortably. In many places, you'll have the choice to explore with new friends or discover the destination independently if you wish.
Hebert Zuniga
Hebert is certificated guide from the Manu Technological Institute and his experiences includes working at different lodges and research projects around Manu National Park , Tambopata National Reserve and Pampas del Heath in Bolivia from the last 15 years.
Originally from the Manu region he is one of the Wild Watch Peru birding guides and currently helping with the logistic, operations arrangements as well as planning and designing tour packages.
Ricardo Sanchez
Ricardo assures that ecotourism is done responsibly without impacts and that it helps local communities. Furthermore, respecting nature and culture. His expertise includes developing cultural ecotourism products with native communities. Where I have led workshops, designed courses: i.e. ecology, environmental education, forestry, biology, environment quality control and produced films and photographic records. He is an enthusiastic runner and hiker and a percussionist.
Paulina Conde
Paulina was born nearby the Quillabamba region, she studied tourism at the San Antonio Public University in Cusco after some years of working for conservation groups and environmental education She applied for her master degree at La Agraria – Molina University in Lima for tourism managements.
She currently working at the main office in Cusco and also likes photography, showing nature and make people love It is her passion and helping with the logistic operations of WWP
Jose LuisBlas
Jose Luis was born in the city of Cusco. He has always been close to nature and the studied to become an official tourism guide at the KHIPUIn order to practice English and gain professional experience he decided to work in various travel agencies. He worked as an explorer guide at Tambopata national Reserve, wishing to discover new routes that have connection with nature and wildlife
He is skilled driver with 10 years of experience driving people around the Manu and Cusco region . Excelled in ensuring passengers always felt safe and comfortable no matter how long the journey would be. Experience in cleaning a vehicle’s interior and picking up passengers from potentially crowded areas. Exceptional talent with providing customer service and having great time management skills.
Simon is the contagious smile guide looking to find the most reclusive wildlife for you while exploring the Jungle , its been more than 8 years that he is successfully leading tours groups into the Manu National Park and other trekking destination in the South of Peru , Lares , Choquequiraw, Ausangate , Machupicchu , his abilities also includes photography and birdwatching.

CHEFJorge Mateo

DRIVERJustiniano Zabaleta





Meet Our Staff

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