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Manu has acquired a legendary mystique among Nature Lovers, Photographers and conservationist throughout the world, no other park protects so much wildlife in Peru, explore on our tours
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Cusco and Machupicchu which is one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the world and also a great locations for watching birds in the south of Peru.
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Get Immerse in the wilderness Welcome Wild Watch Peru

Wild Watch Peru is a local tour operator based in Cusco that organizes itineraries for Manu National Park, Machupicchu, Sacred Valley, Tambopata. We are the first to create Insider Experiences; enabling our guests to appreciate their destination through genuine local experiences anywhere in Peru.
You are in good hands! Your journey is always made easier so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening in the background and can concentrate only on enjoying yourself. Every itinerary has a degree of flexibility and ample free time to ensure that your tour feels special and doesn’t end up becoming a routine that you simply have to do. What makes Wild Watch Peru so unique is its ability to deeply touch and evolve the destinations it caters to. It is a part of the conservation in Manu an initiative that strives to sustain communities and environments for future generations in the Manu Biosphere Reserve and it does its best to employ local businesses wherever possible to help out the local economy. We’ll still take you to the ‘must-see’ attractions in Peru, but we will also lead you on off the beaten paths with unique experiences that only a few get, under the care of the professional staff at Wild Watch Peru.

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Great Trip!

I just returned from a jungle tour of 6 days with Wild Watch Peru. It was an incredible experience which ended up being a private tour with just me and my girlfriend. It was the highlight of our 24 day trip around Peru and is what I miss the most.

Scott Alameda

Manu Reserved Zone Express 6 days

Memorable Experience

I took a Manu National Park Tour and it was a magical experience. Herbert and Esau were absolutely incredible, lovely, and extremely knowledgeable about the animal species. Louisa our cook was fantastic and everything she cooked up was delicious and filling.

Samantha W

Manu Wild experience 4 Days

Incredible Experience!

I went on the 8 day Manu National Park Tour and it was hands down one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. It was an incredible experience entering what is considered as one of the last remaining pristine areas of Amazon Rainforest in the world, this is the most recommended tour operator.

Lachy S

Exploring Manu Wilderness 8 Days

Great Manu National Park Tour!

We booked a 4 days jungle tour to Manu National Park and we had an experience of lifetime. This tour exceeded our expectations and we’ll always remember the things we’ve seen and done

Valentin Duran

Manu Wild Experience 4 days

The best part of my trip in Peru!!

Wild Watch Peru Tours to Manu National Park are absolutely incredible, without any doubt, my favourite time spent in Peru. Our guide Esauu was a pleasure from start to finish.  I can’t believe I got to visit the Amazon, and I want to say a big thank you to Wild Watch Peru for making it an unforgettable experience!

Evelyn Melia

Manu Wild Experience 4 Days

A Lifetime Experience!!

We chose this tour because of Luis’s more timely and kind response than other Manu National Park tours operators. He even visited our hotel the day before the tour to make sure that we’re properly prepared. I never expected such good food quality in a Peru jungle trip!

Jong Soop

Manu Wild Experience 4 Days

Great Jungle Tour

We booked a 4 day, Jungle Tour to Manu Park and  we had an experience of lifetime. This tour exceeded our expectations and we’ll always remember the things we’ve seen and done!

Nicoleb 259

Manu Wild Experience 4 Days


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Manu Rainforest Escape 7 days

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